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25 HD Screenshots of Final Fantasy VII Remake

Final Fantasy 7 remake 25 ingame screenshots announced by Square Enix

These pictures reveal key information about the game, including a look at Aerith?s combat prowess, a tour of some of the game?s expanded locations, and a close-up with some of the key players in the story? including the brand new Roche!

Characters in FINAL FANTASY VII REMAKE can use Summon Materia – orbs let them summon an intensely powerful ally into the fight.

The Queen of Ice Shiva is one such Summon. This frosty figure gives an icy glare to enemies and a loving smile to allies. She skates around the battlefield, and manipulates the air to freeze enemies in the blink of an eye.

Once summoned, Shiva will fight automatically, but you can also issue commands to make her use specific abilities. Heavenly Strike creates a giant glacier and smashes it down onto an opponent!

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