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Blade Of The immortal 2017 Movie Review

Takashi Miike 100th film! An Adaptation of the Manga and Anime of the same name, Blade of the Immortal. First of all, I must say I’m a long fan of Miike’s Movies, and this movie does have Takashi’s spirit.

Long Story Short, I give it a well deserved 6.5/10 because the movie is good, it’s definitely not bad, but there’s almost nothing iconic for you to remember from the movie as a whole. And I think I know why.

But Before we get to the actual movie, I’M FORCED to mention the trailer. It is AWFUL, some modern electronic music super bad edited with random clips from the movie, it so out of place because the trailer promises fast paced action and there is not! THe movie piece is completely different and that’s a weird way to announce the movie.



First thing first, it is, a good adaptation from the manga/anime original source. Loyal to details and main plot. But it surprisingly fails to deliver Iconic savage moments, the ingredients are there, yet it’s NOT MEMORABLE.

Of course you CAN’T fit the true manga essencia into a film of 120 min, so it’s impossible to dig in deep exploring characters plot lines etc without breaking the piece of the movie so i’m not going hard on this points, as I said before, the movie is good.

My negative points goes to, some weird scenario choices in some scenes, they felt PLAIN like from a serie B movie low budget production, and on top of that the lighting work was lacking some quality and the color grade is definitely MISSED! The dark scenes are too dark, the city ones are ok, the forests are the best BUT the best of the movie are the first 5 min of the film in Black and White (hahaha) then it’s just plain as f…

Why I’m saying there’s nothing memorable from the movie?

You can immediately tell why, after seeing the first “Brawl” battle (1 vs army). It’s feels natural but kinda STAGED… And this got the true potential to be something like Kill Bill, Ong Bak, The Raid… etc.

It just doesn’t TAKE OFF, as the movie advance you as the watcher, are continually expecting for the movie action to step up bringing better and better, reserving the BEST for the last battle, and it failed to deliver.. thanks god the characters have enough charisma to keep you interesting and focused, listening to understand the movie’s motive and each character determination.



– The OST is ok.
– The girl, co-protagonist is annoying and useless.
– They never explain WHY the character is able to pull out infinity weapon from nowhere.
– You can’t never tell or see, each character strength/skill, things happen because “plot”.
– The unique “humor” moment is way too late, and not funny at all. (out of place)
– The general ambience of the movie is well done.
– I was expecting more from the final batlle, like a lot more.



If you’re a fan of Asiatic Movies and or Miike’s movies, you gonna enjoy this movie, but you wont remember it by the end of 2018 ^_^ (perfect movie for a saturday afternoon.) yes I did used the word “movie” 5 times in 2 lines.

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