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Dante Devil May Cry trench coat

Those who know and or have played any Devil May Cry game and got the impression that Dante is the most badass character in video game industry, have always got the thought of.. how cool it would be to dress like Dante.. white hair.. long red leather trench coat just as Vash from Trigun etc.

Yet we all came to the conclusion that it wouldn’t be “comfy” practical or even “normal” to wear on a daily basis without people thinking that you’re a complete freak!
Many Cosplayers and even unofficial immitations tried they best to represent a decent Devil May Cry red coat. Sadly and obviously most of them failed.

the only honorable mention I can do is to LEON CHIRO, this guy simply NAILED and it’s by far the best (perfect) Dante cosplay ever archived in real life, not only the custom made props and clothing but the body asemblance and hard exercise dedication to it.. it’s amazing.

OK, but what about the rest of us poor mortal people, what are our real options for some classy devil may cry fashion? Well after years I’ve definitely found what could be a nice daily basis wearable Dante trench coat or parka or cardigan whatever you like to name it.

The Reboot by ninja Theory with a new “Dante” has already a more closer coat to our eye to wear in real world + all the latent TRAP MUSIC culture are bringing the extravagant clothing to a normal level of tolerance.

Here is the link where you can buy yourself a Devil May Cry trench coat from premium fake leather with a lot of STYLE!

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