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Death Stranding Collector’s Edition 4K Wallpaper

Death stranding Collector's Edition 4K Wallpaper

Death Stranding Collector’s Edition is a really nice package full of march and content for those who believe that Hideo Kojima will deliver to his standards after all this years!

8th of November 2019, feeling like tomorrow if we look back to the 2016 first Death Stranding trailer.

So in all this years I’ve just realized that there’s no actual good 4K Wallpapers of Death Stranging besides some screenshots from the trailers itself and some key art posters, but not wallpapers.

I did 2 premature wallpapers of this Game more like abstract concepts but this time, I did really put some hard work onto that gold mask man to bring you ” A Hideo Kojima Wallpaper” for the Collector’s Editor of the game.

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