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Hideo Kojima confirmed that Kojima Productions first game teaser shown in E3 of 2016 holds several secret messages and details that can give little clues about the game itself.
The truth is, that the teaser left no one indifferent and gaming websites are starting to throw different theories, ideas about the game…

Big Boss also?said that he will be constantly revealing more?information as months get past by to keep everyone hyped.
So what do we know so far about Death Starwing?

  1. Kojima said on his twitter that gamers who like Uncharted and The Division will also enjoy Death Stranding. He also pointed that the game will got similarities with Metal Gear Solid action gameplay and literally stated that the feeling when you first start the game and look back after 4h of playing it’s completely different, like you started to play 1 thing and evolved into something completely new game.. hyped words? maybe.. but you can start to get the idea of what Kojima would like to bring us with this new game.
  2. The logo Ludens got nothing to do with the game.
  3. The visual clues from the Teaser, in specially the Dog-tags on?Norman Reedus neck got different “equations” developed by real scientists, about Black Holes theories.. This points directly to a more scientific fiction game more than a “magic” powered argument. ?Time travel also may got a window here.
  4. ?Everyone agrees that the black mass seen on Reedus hands etc, is petroil, don’t get that for sure yet.
  5. No idea about the Tattoo under the right arm. Same thing for the shackles on main character left hand. And of course only expectations about those 5 objects floating at the end.


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