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Destiny 2 Cayde-6 Death 4K Wallpaper

Destiny 2 Cayde 6 death 4K Wallpaper

Unlike Destiny 2?s other protagonists, Cayde-6 is the lighthearted leader that most players are meant to identify with.

He?s all about having a swell time, either relaxing in the Tower, or blowing up aliens with exotic weaponry. During multiple missions Cayde-6 refers to you as his favourite Guardian.

We are special to him, regardless of whatever rash or reckless choice we make. Cayde-6 is a beacon of positivity and encouragement, pushing us to always be better.

Yet, for this death to truly mean something it needs to be permanent. Cayde-6, regardless of what happens, should not come back during Destiny 2?s lifespan.

While our heroes have a talent for escaping death, it?s clear that Bungie has no intentions of bringing this Exo back.

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