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Devil May Cry Anime

Devil May cry is one of those Strong iconic gaming series inside the gaming industry that just couldn’t stay away of some kind of audiovisual adaptacion.
In this case, and probably thanks to be a native Japan production, it was in an Anime format.

12 episodes were produced by MadHouse with similar graphic direction as the OVAs of Hellsing.

The Devil May Cry anime was shaped in 12 episodes of standard duration around 22 minutes in 2007.
The time life is just after the events of Devil May Cry 1, including Dante’s suit from the first ever game and characters as Trish or Lady.

the story itself is independent from any other games, the secondary characters are totally unique to this anime universe with no other appearances in the following game sequels.

Besides being a game adaptation, the Anime itself works good on it’s own. Sadly it didn’t built up in views, numbers and popularity for a second season or why not, an entire animated movie.

Me as a super fan of this Franchise, I must recommend this anime, specially if you like anime, I think you will enjoy this serie! And remember there’s never “too much” DANTE!

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