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Displate Back Stab their Artists during worldwide Pandemic crisis

Displate is the leader manufacture of Metal Prints designs worldwide with over 30k Artists and over 800K unique designs to buy.

Recently in 31-FEB-2020 made some changes towards fixed prices and artists commission without consulting with their artists community.


Displate changed the prices of their metal prints to a fixed price, $44.

But they didn’t change the way how the Artists commission is calculated, which means that $40 of $44 is for Displate and only $4 is for the Artists!

But, because the Company manufacture in Poland, they also apply illegal TAXES from Artists margin, so they cut 23% of taxes from $4.

So the NET commission revenue is down to $3.08 which is 6% from sale.

How Did Displate Respond?

Displace took a very clear position since they took this changes without consulting to any of us (artists). We started to contact Displate individually via Email and all we got was “copy paste” answers, mere excuses totally none sense.

At this point right now, they simply decided to ignore our petitions but most importantly is that they started to “CENSOR” our posts, comments and opinions on their social media.

What are we doing?

Displate Artists Community decided to unite and get organized to fight back this tyranny for a fair pay for our Artworks and sales.

We are doing 3 main things.

  • Change Org Petition to gather supporters sign ups.
  • Facebook Group for Displate Artists to organize.
  • Social Media Campaign to raise awareness with the following hashtags: #Change4Displae #FairPay4Artsits #Displate


There are many things wrong within Displate platform but the least they could do is to fix this severe problem granting FAIR commission pay rate to the artists, we demand a flat 25% revenue from each SALE is made.


If you’re also a Displate Artist, then feel free to join our private group to support each other and take further action LINK

Please sign up our Change Org petition page to keep raising numbers to fight back! LINK

Most Importantly use our Hashtags = #Change4Displate #FairPay4Artsits #Displate in your Social Media to raise awareness! Share this post everywhere, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, any kind of help is more than welcome.

TOGETHER we will win!

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