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Displate Scamming their artists? 2020 Commissions change

Displate is the leader manufacture of Metal Prints designs worldwide with over 30k Artists and over 800K unique designs to buy.

They have recently made some new changes implying “fixed prices” to their products, lowering considerable the Artists benefits.

Displate sell in 3 main sizes called M, L and XL.

The new fixed prices are:
M = $44
L = $89
XL = $149

Therefore, this is how the pricing and artists commission is calculating when a sale is made:

Product Price > Artist commission

Is $44 and the Artist commission is only $4.

But not only that, there is also a 23% VAT tax which in Poland (manufacturer country) is 23%, so they also cut a 23% from Artists commission which in this case is $0,92 (23%) of $4.

The Artists get as low as 9% which is a clean 7% after fees.

In other words. The Client/Buyer, pays $44 for a product and the artists only get a 7% clean profit which is $3.08, this is by far the lowest Artists commission rate in any Online Print on Demand platform.

Displate Artists Assamble

Me and other artists got no other option than unite and work together to ask Displate for a FAIR pay for Artists, for that we have created a FB group to share our thoughts and get organized.

Hashtags for the cause

We have also decided to use some Hashtags to get visibility and spread the world of what is happening in hope for Displate to listen to us and recapacitate.

please use this 3 Hashtags in your social media for a fair trait to artists.

#Change4Displate #Displate #FairPay4Artists

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