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Dragon Ball Super – Episode 114 review

We all know that Dragon Ball Super anime, is basically a pure mess and chaos with a lot of random things popping out constantly in a very cheap way if you allow me to say.

So more than half of this Tournament of power time is gone and we have seen Goku breaking the limits with “Migatte no Gokui” against Jiren.? Avoiding death one more time, Goku was gaining some time trying to recover his energy from the last fight against jiren.

Until he suddenly found the two sisters saiyans from universe 6 and started a “weird” fighting game with them.

I used the word “weird fighting game” because first, Goku lured the saiyans attention by promising them to show them how yo became Super saiyan 3 form if they beat him.

And from there he plays it safe and very progressively, going from base form through all the saiyans forms he knows.
surrealistically, Goku only turned SSJ3 once during this combat and only by accidental “wink” to Caulifla and Kale.

And if there’s something I really like from this fight is that Goku is being using all this fighting arsenal with technics we haven’t seen from Dragon Ball itself! plus some classic ones like Tenshin Hans “Solar flare”. Constantly gaining extra time to recover and taking advantage over the 2 saiyans.

At one point Goku intentionally in rages Kale to unleash her Super saiyan legendary power, so it became clear what was Goku trying to do with this fight. Its is not only to gradually recover energy but also to force his own limits once more to unlock that “limit Breaker” for a second time and start to figure things out to control it to get a second round with jiren.

After Kale’s controls her legendary super saiyan form, Goku goes SSJ God to catch up the piece, and I really hate how nobody mentions that this state got a powerful passive curative advantage over Gokus body, able to cure almost magically even critical injuries. But hey! it’s DBS anime.. whatever, here’s something funny tho!

Goku “taunted” the two sisters by a rain of blasting Ray-Gun? Yuyu Hakusho wink* wink*

Freeza is being Freeza, a tirant anti-hero cold murderer for pure entertainment, waiting for his perfect revenge on everyone (literally)

The day, Vegeta does something useful apart from being a cocky arrogant big mouth he is during practically 90% of his screen-time, be sure I will do a special post dedicated only to him.

Jiren in the other hand, keeps on meditating. Which Is shown as an visual proof of how superior he is upon everyone else, but I personally don’t think so. I’m pretty confident that jiren didn’t go to “meditation” mode because he was bored, but because he was tired and need to recover his energy too after his fight against Goku and Hit.

Finally, the bottom line of this episode and also the “cliffhanger” is to show use a new fusion character by Potara, KEFLA (Kale + Califla) which of course beat the shit outta Goku in GOD mode.

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