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Far Cry 3 Vaas Montenegro SyanArt Poster

Vaas Montenegro was a total surprise for me when I ever got to hear about Far Cry 3, later playing the game, it was a confirmed thought.

Vaas is definitely one of me all time favourite villains in video game, so charismatic, I know he’s like the jungle Joker version, but hey! I love The JOKER character, it never gets old to me.

The nihilist ideology behind of pure instinct, it’s not even evil, it’s something else. So just as me, I’m pretty sure that more people will always remember “The Quote” of Did I ever tell you.. you know what already! So I always wanted to work hard in a poster tribute to this character and I took my time.

The Abstract thing I used to do needed to be special, so I was just waiting to get the right effect for it, and I’m pretty sure I found it. This ladies and gentlemen is a Design that I would love to got in my wall, and that’s why it’s here for everyone who want to got his copy.

I definitely could simply launch all my wallpapers as printable posters, BUT when focusing on printable designs, it got to have a poster not only a fancy looking abstract mess of colors and shapes.

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