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Dev: Ninja Theory Hellblade: Senua’s Sacrifice – 4K Collage Wallpaper

Those who follow me in my social networks, already know how disappointed I’m with the gaming industry today… pure brainless and cheap entertainment.. almost no room for quality content, lack of creativity, lack of new ideas.

That’s why projects like HellBlade shine through all this moody darkness for me. Videogames.. seeking to provide a story, a world, characters, ideas, messages, ambientation, art.. just like a good movie or a book but shaped under a video game format with a really nice cultural point… that’s what I call, quality content, time worthy experience, that leaves nobody indifferent, and induce you to think.. simply inspires you.
And in case you still doubting, YES, I do believe that Hellblade will deliver.
Enjoy the Wallpaper!



Game Render and concept arts

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