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Ninja Gaiden Sigma

Ninja Gaiden Sigma I – Ryu Hayabusa Wallpaper

Ninja Gaiden Sigma - Ryu Hayabusa wallpaper

I Always wanted to recreate the official ninja gaiden sigma boxart into a fullhd wallpaper, so the other day I got the ISO of the game to try out the new PS3 emulator and by the change noticed a 1024px background of Ryu Hayabusa inside the files and that’s how this project started. I trying to keep the fire ambientation and added some 3d abstracts from my own.



Game Render
C4D 3D ? Yasha pack
Brush Tool CySparkles
Grunge Texture
Random Fire Stock
Apophysis 7x 10 Ultra HD PNG Renders Pack 4

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