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Overwatch – Genji Green Dragon ninja HD Wallpaper

Genji Green Dragon ninja HD Wallpaper

If you have been following me for a while you sure know that I got a niche for samurai, ninja, shinobi, katana, char/things.. so I don’t need to play a game with a ninja character to be super hyped about him, that’s exactly what happened with Genji, I do not play Overwatch and I doubt I will ever be playing it BUT after watching Genji design and CGI trailer presentation, well, I liked it.

So this design in particular started from a low resolution 600×800 px render, straight from the official website, then I left after half an hour of playing with filters and photoshop actions I managed to turned it into a Metal Gear Solid art style wallpaper.. sort of…

So I hope you like this fanmade creation as I do for every ninja design.

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