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Please connect a razer synapse enabled device [FIX]

I have recently bought a Razer Basilisk Mouse to gain some quality control over my mouse performance in design and gaming. It’s not cheap but a professional product.

When I plugged it in to my PC (windows 7 64bits) The mouse was immediately ready to use thanks to “windows generic mouse drivers” But Of course I wanted the full customize options, and with Razer, you need of their Software, called SYNAPSE.

“For the Full experience, please connect a Razer Synapse enabled device.”

My surprise was NOTORIOUS when this software couldn’t recognize my brand new Razer mouse.

I tried to switch USB ports. (nothing)
I re-install synapse (nothing)
I cleaned the registers with CCleaner and rebooted. (nothing)
I UPGRADED my motherboard BIOS and CHIPSET drivers! (nothing)


Go install the version 3 of Synapse which is currently in BETA so it’s in the official download page of Razer, I found it by random, and without even rebooting the Synapse recognized the mouse in seconds.

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