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Shadow of the tomb raider oficial Box Art

the design for the Box Art of the upcoming third game of Lara Croft,?Shadow of the Tomb Raider have been realised. And I’m not a fan of it. So I’m doing this post to tell you why!

Before stating the points I want to remember this is my opinion only and nothing else, there are fairly much much worse box arts in the market and this one is not that bad either, I just hereby think I should be much better!

We have that lovely eclipse with Lara in the middle as tarzan in the jungle with the mayan temple at the background too, as concept is great, just lack of detail in my opinion. The temple could have more presence just as the details of Lara even if the title is “Shadow”

great chosen colors, the eclipse shinning and dark blue jungle is a solid color combination, but even that Lara is in the middle, she is in SHADE, it’s not catchy to the EYE as looking to the box art, I know! I get it.. the tittle! Shadow of… yeah yeah.. but that doesn’t mean the design must be PLAIN!

The design is a drawing, not a 3D modern CGI render, and I’m not really complaining about that, but about the lack of details… AGAIN! yes there’re minimalist box art that work great! this is not the case how they want to showcase this product, so fill in more KEY details.
Every single UNCHARTED box art is a great example.

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