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Texhnolyze fullHD wallpaper

Texhnolyze fullhd wallpaper

Texhnolyze (??????, Tekunoraizu) is a Japanese anime TV arrangement coordinated by Hiroshi Hamasaki, from a screenplay by Chiaki J. Konaka, and created by Yasuyuki Ueda, with unique character plan by Yoshitoshi ABe.

The occasions happen in the energetic yet run down underground city of Lux. Inhabitants of Lux have come to call it “The City” and treat it as a conscious power. Three groups strive for control of the city: the Organo, a carefully proficient combination with binds to the criminal black market in the prostheses business (“Texhnolyze”); the Salvation Union, an over the top populist bunch meddling with the Organo’s undertakings; and the Racan, a ravaging gathering of Texhnolyzed young people.

The arrangement has a gathering thrown, however occasions especially center around Ichise, an unemotional prize warrior who loses a leg and an arm to fulfill an angered advertiser; Onishi, a youthful yet practical official of the Organo who has numerous foes; and Ran, a young lady who has a significant blessing that influences the whole city.

As they battle to acknowledge the demands that they are managed, the characters give testimony regarding significant occasions that decide the endurance and destiny of the city.

Texhnolyze circulated on Fuji Television from April 16, 2003 to September 24, 2003 and broadcast twenty scenes. Two un-broadcast scenes were remembered for the DVD discharge. Geneon USA’s English name of the arrangement broadcast in the United States on STARZ!/Encore’s Action direct in 2006, at that point publicized again on Funimation Channel and Funimation Channel on Demand when Funimation authorized the arrangement from Geneon Entertainment. It additionally broadcast in Canada on G4techTV Canada’s Anime Current square in the mid-2000s.

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