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The Thing 2 may actually happen

the thing 2

John Carpenter’s ultimate alien horror cult film “The Thing” may actually have an official sequel 40 years after the first one. When asking this question to the acclaimed director, here are Carpenter’s words.

I have been sworn to secrecy, okay, because there may be, I don’t know if there will be, there may be a Thing 2.

John Carpenter

This is not the first Carpenter talked about reviving The Thing IP with some shadow details about it, but one thing sure by judging his words all these years, it’s clear that the Director have a solid idea about an actual sequel for The Thing, not talking about a remake like it happen back in 2011 that only left fans wishing for an actual sequel from the original director.

By the end of the film, Childs [Keith David] and MacREady [Kurt Russell] are still “alive” after the final burn down of the base as an ultimate attempt to stop the alien life form to ever expand beyond the Antarctica base.

Remember the odds are that probably one of the two is actually an Alien, the film ends in an open-tense moment where both of the survivors don’t (can’t) trust each other and a final fight is expected even if non of them is an alien.

In the other hand, if they do not panic and “test” themselves to prove none of them is an Alien, the odds of surviving out in the open wild Antartica without proper gear, supplies, shelter, energy, comms are practically 0.

Anyway, that actually DO set up the plot for a possible sequel film! My only concern is, how it should be done according to the original cast actor, use CGI and recast them or tell their story off screen and launch a prequel with new promising cast that will expand his classic of alien horror to new grounds.

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