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Top 10 Swordman in Anime

the world of Anime and Manga is so immense, and full of amazing and unique characters which limitations are only defined by their own author creators.
That we can develop infinite debates, more or less interesting but today I’m bringing you a list of the top 10 most skillful swordsman. This top 10 follows the next rules.


  • 1 Character per Anime/Manga.
  • It can’t be a character from Cartoon (ej: Samurai jack) original from video games (ej: Dante) or based in a real human figure (ej: Vagabond Musashi) it must be original from Manga/Anime.
  • The selection is based entirely in pure Sword Skill, powers such as Ki, Aura, chakra, energy, Reiatsu, Nen, will be avoided, so characters as Ichigo from Bleach or Trunks from DBZ are automatically out of this top.
  • The charisma, personal identity weigh it is also a factor to be considered important in this top list.
  • Finally, the number order of the chosen characters in this top 10, is of course, subjective by me, please don’t focus too much on the position of the character on this list, but eventually judge the fact which characters actually appear in this list and why.

Do you agree with my chosen characters? I’m open to defend and discuss why I’ve included anyone of this 10 badass guys. hit me on my Twitter

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