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Trigun – Vash The Stampede 8k Wallpaper

Back in the days of The Golden ERA of anime there was TRIGUN a post apocalyptic science fiction futuristic anime, which I watched as I kid and love it! The tv show finished and a post movie was made in bluray quality, but there is no content of this material in 4k and needless to point, 8k! So this is my own little contribution to this great Anime which I honestly recommend to watch if you didn’t know about it.

This is a remake of “Francisco Carl” Original artwork. As it can be seen in the original artwork I took as reference for the wallpaper, sadly I couldn’t find any link to the artist.

This Work was made entirely in Photoshop, using tons of stock photos for composing and textures. Red Fabric, Industrial Metals, Wolfenstein gun, planet, nebulosa, rock hill…
so I couldn’t really save 1 final version. I did 5 for all testes + if you wish to play around I also got the PSD file.


This is one of mine personal favorites, enhancing the reds.. dropping the blues and marking that sepia tone.. desert dark tone.. contrasted with vash red! ENJOY IT!


This one is closer to old school anime colors maybe? Anyway I do like who the green suits with the red and the atmosphere.


Well, this is an extra effect with a 3d dispersion effect with medium strength and anime colors, some sort of Film lock production.


Definitely my favorite one, the color splash effect, forget everything! All Black and White but the red shattered clothes.. mermic from the Anime opening.

TRIGUN | VASH_3D Extreme Platinum

Just to wrap with a 5th variety, this one is same as 3D distort effect but EXTREME and black/White Platinum tone.. super abstract, just for fun ^_^.

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