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DeathEndThrills Why Photo-mode is a “must” in artsy rich games?

Before getting deep into this topic, let’s setup some things clear to avoid misunderstanding.

What games can be considered “Artsy Rich” or what do I mean by saying that.

Let’s start saying, that all games have an “art” value just as any music, book, film..
But I’m talking about unique whole words in 3D with a camera.. games, that you constantly find yourself stopping only to enjoy the landscape.. the ambience..
Those kind of games are the one I’m talking about, and a photo mode, should be considered a must for 2 main reasons:

The most obvious one, ART lovers can play hours and hours taking shots and posting.. ?pioneers in this topics like the founders and active users of “DeadEndThrills” SweetFx and dozens of “user made” tools to crack, hack, manipulate games.. for, time stopping, free camera cords, oversampling textures.. enhancing graphics.. ALL for the simple reason of “ART” and fully enjoy that each specific game universe, ambience.. ESSENCE! In game Photo-shooters. I know at least one, that was hired by EA itself in Battlefield 1 headquarters… the future is now.

In general terms, this kind of games, are Single player like.. with a campaign, story mode. For The Studio and Publisher it’s super hard to implement an effective “Re.playing” motivation.. or to keep the gamer still talking about the game once it’s “first week, first month” passes by.. Getting an In-game Photo-mode, not only gives you the (reason number 1) but! let an essential tool to the gamers to interact with the game and share it’s content, passive marketing in post exhaust game launch. Infinite possibilities for Game wallpapers, backgrounds, ART generally speaking.. but also.. MEME etc..


Let’s talk about some ACTUAL examples and their impact.
Games like “Infamous Second Son” or “Horizon zero down” are the perfect examples EVEN in consoles, for a single player story photomode. Thousands of screenshots were done and shared.
BUT! some companies took a whole step forward! giving powerful tools to it’s gamers to create DIRECT content! ?yes, Grand Thef Auto V, and it’s incredible VIDEO EDITOR.

Guys, the amount of content created using GTA V Video editor is INSANE! real Kubrick productions.. with film like quality gameplay speaking of course but, that’s a fact. thousands of Youtube channels creating their own GTA movies.. or recreations of famous car films like Fast and Furious.

In conclusion. Giving tools to interact with your game, is a win-win, Happy players and passive marketing. That’s why I’m SUPER exited when I heard that Ninja Theory is working on a Photo Mode for Hellblade.

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